Frequently Answered Questions:

Isnít Backup My Web Hostís Responsibility?
Most web hosts will only perform ďserver wideĒ backups for disaster recovery, but what if anything bad should happen to your website(s) or account(s) which require a single account restore? Most web hosts does not provide this service.

Some that do will only perform weekly backups and it will cost you to have them restore it. But, what if you just wanted to have the backup file to restore it somewhere else and fast? By using our service, you will have total independence of your web host. You can move freely whenever you feel like it.

How Much Does It Cost?
Our plan starts from $1.95/Month with monthly payment plan only. Donít worry about having to pay upfront. Our monthly billing cycle will protect you from unnecessary upfront investment.

Should you need more than 5,000 MB (5 GB), you can add more disk space for as low as $0.2 (20 cents) per additional 1,000 MB (1 GB)

How Do I Start?
You would need an active backup account with us (just click sign up above) and a cPanel account to backup. You need to have your cPanel username and password. Thatís it.

What Is Being Backed Up?
Our system will perform FULL cPanel backups (for cPanel/WHM accounts) which will backup everything including all your files, databases, emails, logs, and all your cPanel configuration settings. If you are not using cPanel/WHM based web host, our system will be able to backup all your files and databases.

Can I Exclude Certain Directories Or Files?
Yes, you can exlcude certain directories or files which you do NOT want to backup. Please refer to this
cPanel document to exclude files or directories. For non cPanel accounts, you can exclude any directories you donít want to backup from your backup manager.

How Often Will The Backup Run?
By default backup will run daily for your maximum protection. Additionally, you can run weekly backups or define your own custom schedule as our system allows you to define when and how often you want to perform the backups.

Can I Run Unscheduled Backups?
Yes, you can run a backup for any of your cPanel account at ANY TIME. Simply log in to your account and click Run Now. Doing this will provide you with additional backup files anytime you need it. No need to wait for your scheduled backup to run if you need to do an immediate backup.

How Much Backup Set (Files) Will I Have?
You can choose to keep between 1 to 31 backup set(s) for each cPanel account. Once the maximum number of backup set is met, the oldest backup file will be overwritten by the newest one.

How Many Accounts Can I Backup?
We do not limit the number of account(s) you can backup. You can backup all cPanel accounts you have. Non cPanel users can also backup as many websites/files/domains/databases as needed.

How Much Space Will One Backup File Take?
Each backup file size depends on what is being backed up. If your website(s) contain mostly texts and images, the backup file size can be as little as 20% of your actual disk usage. For example, if your account disk usage shows 400 MB, each backup file will take about 80 MB of your backup space. If your website contain mostly video and audio files, the compression wonít be as good as text and images which will result a much larger backup file.

How Do I Restore My Full Backup?
Within your client area with us, you will be able to download any backup file you wish to restore or directly transfer it to your defined server. If you choose to download, each file will have its own unique URL which you can give to your web host for them to perform the restore.

In order to restore a FULL cPanel backup, you will need to submit a request to your web host. Most web host will be able to perform a restore free of charge when you are able to provide them with the backup file.

Are You Sure You Can Backup My Account?
Our service is targeted to perform backups on cPanel based web hosts such as: GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost, LunarPages, EasyCGI, SiteGround, InMotionHosting, Site5, MochaHost, LiquidWeb, iWeb, and many more not including the thousands of smaller cPanel web hosts.

Will My Backup Files Be Publicly Accessible?
No, your backup files will not be accessible publicly by default. When you are ready to download a backup file, our system will provide you with the unique URL for that particular backup file.

Once youíre done downloading the file, simply click on the Remove Download Link and it will no longer be accessible to be downloaded.

What About Data Privacy?
We hold a TRUSTe certified privacy policy. Our privacy practices are being monitored and enforced by TRUSTe. You may click on the seal below for our complete privacy policy.
TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal

What Is the Maximum File Size for My Backup File?
There is no limit on our file system on how big one single file can be. However, we do not recommend using our service if you have hundreds of GBs (hundreds of thousands of MBs) of data to backup on EACH cPanel account. To be on the safe side, we only recommend backing up cPanel accounts with lesser than 100 GB (100,000 MB) of actual disk space usage which you can see on your cPanel.

If any of your cPanel account is larger than 100,000 MB (100 GB), please consult our technician before proceeding to make sure it can safely be done.

Can You Backup My WHM Account Instead of cPanel?
Yes, we can now perform automated daily backup for ALL cPanel accounts under your WHM. You just need to enter in your WHM login details and our system will do the rest.

Every day our system will check if there are newly created cPanel accounts under your WHM and will automatically add them into the backup list.

You can manually exclude any cPanel accounts under your WHM which you donít want to backup from your backup manager.